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Eat Differently - Healthy and Delicious

 Healthy and delicious. Plant Based Awesome.

Our mission at Pickled & Pressed is to educate, to inspire and to create a movement of conscious, healthy and happy people, living amazing lives, having a lot of fun, and doing a lot of good.

We take an all-inclusive approach to wellness, and we use the Better Way of Life Framework, developed by our parent company Living Joy, to govern everything that we do.

We believe that a plant-based lifestyle has many wonderful, healthy benefits, including more energy, lots of texture and flavour, and the ability to nourish ourselves in a fun, vibrant and delicious way. Eating plants is sustainable, healthy and good for everyone. Everyone wins!

We believe in natural, local, sustainable and nourishing food, and we are working to source more food produced with a permaculture philosophy. Organic food is our preference, but we realise that not all farmers can afford to be certified organic, and so we also work with conscious, chemical-free farmers and producers.

We are committed to education, and so together with Living Joy, we offer a range of wellness education programs and events which empower people to live fun, healthy and amazing lives in harmony with the planet. Those programs cover topics such as sustainability, ethical investing, energy efficiency, permaculture, raw food preparation, fermentation classes and cooking classes on delectable desserts.

Pickled and Pressed - healthy and delicious

Locally sourced, and as organic and fresh as possible

At Pickled & Pressed, we are trying to engage our local community and create a space where like-minded individuals can network, relax and enjoy beautiful, healthy food. We want Pickled & Pressed to be a wellness hub for happy, healthy people and are continuing to innovate.

Don’t forget our courtyard is dog friendly!

Pickled and Pressed - healthy and delicious

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